Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Rustic Celadon

I would like to introduce an interesting product, which is Celadon ceramic. Celadon, meaning crackled glaze in French, is the intricate art of ceramic making. The clay has to be heated at a specific temperature to get the crackled effect and further skills are needed to control the drip effect on the end product. The result are rustic looking tea sets, plates, bowls and other dining-ware. The tiny crackled effect on turquoise makes it look like the sea’s reflection, and drip effects which are unique, makes them one of a kind pieces of art. Celadon ceramic matched with bamboo handles gives it the rustic look, suitable for outdoor tea-time or resort style decoration. Available soon in


The All Seeing Eye said...

I love the colors. Plus you take great photos. The lighting is great.

cotojo said...

Hi Anna,
Some amazing ideas and the pics are wonderful :)

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Franco said...

Hi Anna,

Great products!!



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