Thursday, December 20, 2007

Delicious Smelling Handmade Soap.

Wish you can smell via the internet, because then you can smell the delicious smelling soap made from rice bran oil. It smells of exotic tropical fruits like mangosteen, papaya, mango, refreshing smells such as Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, combination of 3 in 1 – Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime and Basil, flower scent such as Lavendar. and the natural smell of rice, and honey with wheat.

These handmade natural soaps are made from rice bran oil, which is rich in vitamin and is an antioxidant.

Rice Bran Oil is purported to reverse the effect of aging by slowing the formation of wrinkles thanks to rice bran oil's rich concentration of Vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol. In Japan, women who use rice bran oil on their skin are known as 'rice bran beauties'. In the US, rice oil has also gained popularity.

Leave them in your bathroom, and they will smell of these delicious smelling soaps! They also make very good gifts.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Rustic Celadon

I would like to introduce an interesting product, which is Celadon ceramic. Celadon, meaning crackled glaze in French, is the intricate art of ceramic making. The clay has to be heated at a specific temperature to get the crackled effect and further skills are needed to control the drip effect on the end product. The result are rustic looking tea sets, plates, bowls and other dining-ware. The tiny crackled effect on turquoise makes it look like the sea’s reflection, and drip effects which are unique, makes them one of a kind pieces of art. Celadon ceramic matched with bamboo handles gives it the rustic look, suitable for outdoor tea-time or resort style decoration. Available soon in

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feng Shui Enhances- Golden Bowl

This is dedicated to my fellow blogger Oggin who is into feng shui. These are some Feng shui enhancers:-

- Gold and red bowl signifies prosperity, and become even more auspicious when you put oranges (kam, means gold in Chinese) inside, put this pot of gold in ur money corners, I usually put at the entrance of the house, the first thing to greet guest (especially good chi) when they enter your house. If you notice i tie red ribbons on the oranges, to further maximise the energy. If you noticed, i design this bowl to be deeper than usual so that it can catch the prosperity!
Of course, i also cater to those who want be subtle with their intentions so I also have smaller bowls (the third pic) to be discreetly put on places like office tables, You wouldn't want your boss to stare at you right?
Also the big bowls are very auspicious gifts, fill them with oranges and is a perfect gift for house-warming or for the auspicious Lunar New Year. Your friends will be awed and will appreciate even more if they know the significance!
These bowls are hand-made from thin gold leaf (those you see at temples) there is a mini carat of gold there, and there are 13 layers of lacquer. Will let you know the intricasies of making it soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Silk Lotus Lamp

The symbol of serenity, the lotus... will definitely give the whole ambience to your room, be it the living or the bedroom. This asian Lotus Lamp in bloom is made from 2 layers of silk. The 2 layers of silk will give a psychedelic effect when lighted and comes with a dimmer.
This breath-taking lamp will be available soon on

Exquisite Chopsticks made from Buffalo Horn

Be entralled by our collection of chopsticks made from buffalo horn on the top tips and the ebony wood. The horn tips is intricately carved in the shape of lotus buds and the chopsticks rests in meaningful and auspicious shapes such as fish (means prosperity for the Chinese), dragonfly (means better and new beginning), mandarin ducks (means love and family togetherness), butterfly (new day of spring). It comes packed in tangerine colour silk box. It comes in set of 2 or 6 pairs.
A gift of chopsticks is very auspicious as it represents partnership and alliance in business as well as family togetherness because chopsticks work in pairs. It is truly an auspicious and perfect gift.
Will be available in soon.

More Exquisite Eggshell Lacquer

Candle holder that holds 5 candles look great from the side as well as from the top. These designs is very flexible as it can be contemporaray, resort style, classic, etc.
Available soon at

Exquisite Eggshell Lacquer

I would like to introduce to you a special long forgotten art which I have revived by designing modern and contemporary shapes and items such as vase, bowls and many more which I will feature soon on my ecommerce site once it is ready.

Exquisite masterpieces (pic attached) are hand-made from duck eggshells which are broken into tiny pieces and intricately arranged in varying designs.

A special natural lacquer is then painted on to seal the eggshells. It is a long process which takes from 7 to 50 days to make because after each layer of lacquer is applied, it has to be dried in the sun and polished. Each lacquer product has thirteen layers of lacquer.

They are unique and exquisite works-of-art and there are no two pieces exactly alike. They also make thoughtful gifts and are also good conversation pieces.
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