Sunday, December 2, 2007

Exquisite Chopsticks made from Buffalo Horn

Be entralled by our collection of chopsticks made from buffalo horn on the top tips and the ebony wood. The horn tips is intricately carved in the shape of lotus buds and the chopsticks rests in meaningful and auspicious shapes such as fish (means prosperity for the Chinese), dragonfly (means better and new beginning), mandarin ducks (means love and family togetherness), butterfly (new day of spring). It comes packed in tangerine colour silk box. It comes in set of 2 or 6 pairs.
A gift of chopsticks is very auspicious as it represents partnership and alliance in business as well as family togetherness because chopsticks work in pairs. It is truly an auspicious and perfect gift.
Will be available in soon.

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JLS said...


Exquisite Chopstics are very awesome. These are one of the unique gifts for friends. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful unique gifts.