Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feng Shui Enhances- Golden Bowl

This is dedicated to my fellow blogger Oggin who is into feng shui. These are some Feng shui enhancers:-

- Gold and red bowl signifies prosperity, and become even more auspicious when you put oranges (kam, means gold in Chinese) inside, put this pot of gold in ur money corners, I usually put at the entrance of the house, the first thing to greet guest (especially good chi) when they enter your house. If you notice i tie red ribbons on the oranges, to further maximise the energy. If you noticed, i design this bowl to be deeper than usual so that it can catch the prosperity!
Of course, i also cater to those who want be subtle with their intentions so I also have smaller bowls (the third pic) to be discreetly put on places like office tables, You wouldn't want your boss to stare at you right?
Also the big bowls are very auspicious gifts, fill them with oranges and is a perfect gift for house-warming or for the auspicious Lunar New Year. Your friends will be awed and will appreciate even more if they know the significance!
These bowls are hand-made from thin gold leaf (those you see at temples) there is a mini carat of gold there, and there are 13 layers of lacquer. Will let you know the intricasies of making it soon.

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Maureen said...

These are really pretty bowls. Have I missed something? Is there an online catalog with prices and shipping costs somewhere?

Thanks a lot,