Sunday, December 2, 2007

Exquisite Eggshell Lacquer

I would like to introduce to you a special long forgotten art which I have revived by designing modern and contemporary shapes and items such as vase, bowls and many more which I will feature soon on my ecommerce site once it is ready.

Exquisite masterpieces (pic attached) are hand-made from duck eggshells which are broken into tiny pieces and intricately arranged in varying designs.

A special natural lacquer is then painted on to seal the eggshells. It is a long process which takes from 7 to 50 days to make because after each layer of lacquer is applied, it has to be dried in the sun and polished. Each lacquer product has thirteen layers of lacquer.

They are unique and exquisite works-of-art and there are no two pieces exactly alike. They also make thoughtful gifts and are also good conversation pieces.
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